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Cassey Harrington | Second Semester Senior | Anna Maria College | Attractions Cast Member | 21 | "It's kind of fun to do the impossible" - Walt Disney |

More people have left, new people coming in, and I’m trained at Mine Train.

Well, the past two weeks have been, in one word, hectic. There was the 24 hour day, me training at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and more of my fellow CPs going home. 

I know a lot of us in this program have had our differences, both with each other and other cast members in the circus, but I honestly wouldn’t trade the people in my program for the world. I know I’ve made some amazing friendships that will forever be with me and I can’t wait to visit them in their own turf. 

Mine Train is a whole lot of fun. A whole lot more complex than Dumbo or the Barnstormer, but it’s nice to have a some variety in my work areas.

Wednesday, I flew back home for graduation. I was exhausted and had not slept after working 12 hours the day before. Throughout the week, I did not catch up on my sleep, not at all, but instead  I partied and I went out to eat and I saw family, friends, mentors, professors and my fellow Orientation Staff. Never could I ever imagine I would have such a good group around me at Anna Maria College. 

Even having not been there for a semester, it was almost as if I had never left, except for the fact that I didn’t have to pack up my room and move out after graduation. Instead, I grabbed my suitcase out of suite 302 and went home. 

Walking across that stage, I couldn’t help but think of my past and who’s gotten me to where I am today. Had I transferred out of Anna Maria College like I had planned after my first semester, I don’t think I would have graduated. Had it not been for a few select people I would not have made it past Junior Year. I would not have worked in Disney for my last semester, I would not be returning now to finish out my College program. 

I look back on my four years and I wonder where it went. From having a kick off party every semester since my sophomore year, to being orientation coordinator for two years, to being the residence life intern. When I think about those things, I know where my four years went and I don’t regret one second of it. Sure there’s moments I think about how I would have done differently, but overall, I could not have asked for a better four years of my college career. 

So this is a huge thank you to everyone who has gotten me to where I am today. I truly hope you all the best, and I know those that matter will stay in my life and by my side.

It’s amazing how fast a semester goes when you’re having fun.

Tonight is the start of a bittersweet few weeks. It was the last night for a few of the CP’s I’ve worked with this last semester. It was a hard goodbye, but the memories we’ve made will last a lifetime. 

I think back on how I didn’t want to come to do the Disney College Program and think of how foolish it would have been if I turned this opportunity down. I’m here now and it’s been the greatest experience of my life, hands down. I joined one of the most accepting and supportive group of people I could ever imagine. We all had our differences but we came together and made one hell of a team. 

I know the people I’ve worked with will go far in life and be successful in whatever they choose to do. I honestly can’t picture my life without you guys and I’m beyond glad to have met you all. I wouldn’t give up our group in the circus for the world. 

Even as sad as tonight was, it shows what we’ve done together. Together we’ve made memories not only amongst ourselves, but memories for the families who visit Disney. We make the magic happen for the kids who thought they couldn’t believe in magic. 

I truly wish you all the best of luck and I wish the best for all of you. Always remember, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” 

I love you all, and I hope to see you real soon <3

After today’s experience, I never want to work an actual parade shift. This has been the worst six hours ever.

3 Days off.

Homework and hanging out.

Anonymous asked:

what is the Disney college program like?


The College Program is perspective.  It’s meeting new people from all around the world.  It’s bonding with roommates at 1 a.m. at Cosmic Ray’s.  It’s skipping down Main Street, arm-in-arm.  It’s realizing that although the world is very large, it’s also very small.  It’s hearing languages, and eating food, and experiencing culture.  It’s trying new things with new people.  It’s putting yourself out there.  It’s creating lifelong friendships.   It’s trusting others with yourself.  It’s trusting you with yourself. 

The College Program is stress.  It’s rude Guests, long shifts, aching feet, and dark circles under your eyes.  It’s learning to bite your tongue in difficult situations.  It’s perfecting your common courtesy.  It’s going out of the way to do something for someone who may not appreciate it, or may not deserve it.  It’s watching an hour’s worth of work come down in minutes.  It’s swallowing your pride.  It’s a million and one things to do, and not enough time to do them.  It’s expectations, and self-entitlement, and problem-solving.  It’s learning to think on your feet.

The College Program is surprising.  It’s being an adult.  It’s realizing what you’re actually capable of.  It’s pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, and advocating for yourself.  It’s trying, and failing, and trying, and failing, and trying again for the amazing chance at success.  It’s believing in yourself for the first time.  It’s being responsible for your own well-being.  It’s learning to love yourself. 

The College Program is magic.  It’s literally magic.  It’s watching kid’s eyes light up when they see Mickey for the first time.  It’s older Guests smiling, shedding years off their face and exposing the young at heart within.  It’s couples walking slowly, their hands intertwined.  It’s Tinkerbell flying during Wishes.  It’s little moments.  It’s the simple gestures.  It’s Mickey gloves, pin trading, Disney pointing, and nametags.  It’s wishing people a magical morning/afternoon/evening.  It’s telling others that it’s ok to believe.  It’s believing yourself.

The Disney College Program is, in a word, amazing. 

The hardest thing for me this program

Is having a roommate. I’ve had my own room for 2 and a half years before this program and having to share a room has been the hardest thing. What I would give I get out of work after a late shift and play guitar. It’s all I want to do. But my roommates sleeping and I any blame her, she has work at like 6 or 7am. But it really is hard sharing a room after having my own for most of my college career. Nights like these I just want to play guitar before bed.

Disney Life.

So things are good. Working and playing in the parks all the time. I finally went around the parks yesterday and got character autographs all day yesterday, with Kellie, and walked around the world showcase twice. That was a good day. Seeing as I had never met any of the princesses before, it was interesting and I enjoyed it. 

It’s weird because hours have been off lately. All the CP’s used to have over 30 hours a week now we have just 30 because they’re brining in new people for when cast members leave to go train on the new Coaster, so our staffing is a bit over the top right now and somehow we manage to be short every night. But it works out. 

It’s getting hotter and hotter, today is 88 degrees. 

But other than that, my life in Disney hasn’t changed too much. I go home for graduation in 40 days and I can’t wait to see everyone back at AMC and home. 


Real snow falling at Tokyo Disneyland.


Real snow falling at Tokyo Disneyland.

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Perfect gif of what Spring Break looks like at Disney:





The shark is a guest and Woody is the castmember.

Friendly reminder that we are people too and yeling at us does not help anything. 

This is true.

The accuracy stingss

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